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Ichthus Lee Green
23 Lampmead Road
SE12 8QJ


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A member of the Evangelical Alliance
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Ichthus Reg. Charity No. 4255893

What We Do

Every Sunday we get together to worship Jesus and spend time together as His people. We have lunch together twice a month or on any special occasions.

We believe that church life isn't just confined to Sunday mornings and there are many other ways in which we fellowship together, get closer to Jesus and share his love with the people of Lee Green.

House Groups

We meet together in one another's homes every Tuesday or Wednesday to spend time praying, worshipping and unpacking the word together. At the moment we have three house groups which are for our regular members of the congregation.

Outreaches - Church On The Street

Fortnightly on Saturdays around 11:00am a group from Ichthus Lee Green will take to the streets and share the good news of Jesus with every one that walks past. This may involve giving out free drinks, washing cars, singing songs, etc. The good news is for all!

Youth Work

God loves young people! Alongside bible studies on Sunday mornings we hold regular youth meetings and hang-out times for young people in the congregation. Get in touch if you're a young person who wants to come along and visit us.

Little Lanterns

Every Friday morning at 10:00am we run a very popular parent and toddlers group which costs just two pounds. Make sure you are on time as we often are too full! Please feel free to read more about our great toddler group here.

Prayer and Worship

Prayer and worship features in virtually all of what we do, but from time to time we run meetings specifically just to pray and worship. This provides the time and space to push deeper into God and lift up specific people or needs to our loving Lord Jesus.

All Things In Common

In keeping with Acts 2:44 we provide the opportunity for people to bring any unwanted possessions to give away in the church before passing them on to a charity shop. We also have a Give and Take box of non-perishable food and househould items this is for anyone to give as they can and take as they need.

Film Nights

Sometimes it is good just to hangout together as the people of God and that's what Film Nights are all about. Every now and then we will put on a film and anyone from the church is welcome to come along, sit back, relax and enjoy some popcorn or snacks together.

Gym Nights

Sometimes we run a six week course offering a free two-hour circuit training session for anyone to come along and improve their health and fitness. For more information about the Gym Nights click here.

Men's and Women's Groups

Once a month all the women will gather together to fellowship, share food and have a time together discussing specific issues relating to following Jesus as a woman in today's world, and the men do exactly the same but for men!

Group Guitar Lessons

Started in December 2017, we run a fortnightly group guitar lesson for any members of the congregation interested in learning to play the guitar. The aim is to equip people with an aditional way they can worship the Lord, and hopefully we'll see people released to lead others to do so too.

CAP Course

From time to time we run a six week course in partnership with Christians Against Poverty. Helping you to gain authority of your finances through budgeting and group discussions.
If you interested in finding out more about CAP or thier free debt counselling programme then please click here.

What's Coming up
at Ichthus Lee Green

Tuesday 13th February:
House Groups
8.00pm as usual

Wednesday 14th February:
House Group
8.00pm as usual

Friday 16th February:
No Little Lanterns Toddler Group

Sunday 18th February:
Church Meeting
With something for all ages

Ichthus Celebration
5.30pm the Bonhoeffer Church
Dacres Rd, Forest Hill, SE23 2NR

Tuesday 20th February:
House Groups
8.00pm as usual

Wednesday 21st February:
House Group
8.00pm as usual

Friday 23rd February:
Little Lanterns Toddler Group
10.00am-11.30am at church

Saturday 24th February:
Church On The Street
10.30am at church

Group Guitar Lesson
2.00pm at church

Sunday 25th February:
Church Meeting
With something for all ages